CORSAIR K70 LUX RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – USB Passthrough & Media Controls

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Whatever color options you pick, the K70 is sure to impress

A Stylish Keyboard with Full Customizability

The K70 LUX RGB is one of the best keyboards on the market for those who don’t want to make mechanical keyboard purchasing a hobby.  It’s use of MX Red switches provides a great middle ground in key presses, giving something for everybody.  The Full RGB spectrum means you can have your keyboard as flashy or sleek as you need.  It’s aluminum chassis combined with handy media controls in a convenient place makes this keyboard one of the most popular today.

Every key is backlit providing the ultimate in customization

With RGB, The Customization is Limitless

Since each key can be individually lit, this allows you to create an endless amount of designs on your keyboard.  With The CUE software, you can make your keys ripple with each press, flash like lightning, or just slowly pulse.  The customization is up to you.  If your setup is mostly blue, you can simply change your keyboard colors to match without buying a new keyboard.  In addition, if you purchase a Corsair mouse (such as the Scimitar) and a Corsair headset (Such as the Void), these can all sync together to make your setup truly shine.

Don’t like rainbows? Feel free to change to any standard color for that sharp look

An Aluminum Chassis built with Durability

The chassis has a sort of uber solid feel that makes you think that your money was well spent.  This is a keyboard that can survive being lugged around in LAN parties or to friend’s houses for 24/7 game sessions.

The MX Reds provide great tactile feedback

MX Red Keys Provide Great Tactile Feel

MX Reds provide just the perfect amount of tactile feedback to feel smooth while still giving you an audible *click* when you fully depress the keys.  For many(myself included), this is an amazing feeling that makes you want to type things for no real reason.  One caveat however, is that these keys are louder than your standard membrane keyboard.  This can be a problem if you game in the same room your wife or husband sleeps, or if you live in a dorm.  Be warned!

This workhorse of a keyboard will last you longer than any of your computers will

Sacrifice Nothing

The K70 comes out of the box with everything one might ever want in a keyboard.  Personally, this keyboard is one of the most comfortable I have ever used and the keys feel like a dream to press.  This keyboard is truly one of the best keyboards money can buy.

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