Logitech G903 Lightspeed Gaming Mouse

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This mouse has sharp edges reminiscent of a Performance car

12,000 DPI Never Looked So Good

     The Logitech G903 Mouse; 200-12,000 DPI, mechanical buttons, 1ms report rate, all on a customizable chassis that allows for ambidextrous configurability.  This mouse is the end game of all mice.  The G903 delivers a luxurious experience that truly is better than any other mouse I and many others have ever seen.

Charge the mouse as you play, then unplug to get insane 1ms latency; identical to top tier wired mice

Wireless Mouse With a Wired Latency

Traditionally, wireless mice were not used in the competitive gaming scene as they added anywhere from 10-20 ms of latency to their movements.  When every millisecond counts, gamers looked elsewhere.  Now, with the G903 and it’s older brother the G900, this mouse provides the exact same near zero report rate as any of the best wired competitive mice.  To truly get an edge on your opponents, look no further than the G903.

Choose your button layout, lighting, and hotkeys however you like

One of The Most Customizable Mice on the Market

With a layout that allows you to have one or two buttons on either side as you choose, as well as a symmetrical design that allows you to use the mouse either left-handed or right-handed,  this mouse is truly one of the most customizable mice on the market.  It also comes with onboard memory, allowing you to store profiles such as sensitivity even when the mouse is plugged into a new computer.  Speaking of sensitivity settings, the G903 has two convenient buttons on top of the mouse that allows you to raise or lower your sensitivity to predefined settings you choose.  In addition, it’s synchronization with Logitech’s Gaming Software allows your mouse to sync the lighting with many popular games.

Never want to use a cord again? Get the POWERPLAY charging mouse pad

Wireless Charging Capability

If you never want to have a wire attached to your mouse ever again, get the Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System. With this pad, it continuously charges your mouse so that you never need to stop and plug in your wire to the mouse.  Game free of cords weighing you down.

This mouse has won multiple awards as well as a prime spot on my desk

Worth the Dough?

At $115.93 at the time of posting, this mouse is one of the most expensive options on the market.  Most of its competitors never leave the $60 range.  However, The extra money spent is not wasted on this product.  It’s Customizability, 1ms report rate, and beautiful design all more than make up for its price point.  As a user of this mouse since it came out, I may never buy another mouse.

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