No Man’s Sky

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A Rocky Release

No Man’s Sky Released on August 9, 2016 after months of hype from previously unheard of game studio “Hello Games.” Promising millions of procedurally generated interesting planets, multiplayer, and a host of other things, No Man’s Sky was advertised to be the end all be all game. What was released couldn’t have been farther from that vision. Hello Games developer Sean Murray promised that we could see other players if we happened to come across them, but on the first day two streamers happened upon each others exact location and were dismayed to find that multiplayer was completely nonexistent. To make things worse, the planet and creature generation was boring and repetitive to the point of exhaustion. After a few months, the only players still on the game were those who got drunk or high and just floated through space.

A Story of Redemption

Now, more than two years after the release of the game, No Man’s Sky has redeemed itself. After two huge title updates, the planets and moons to explore are more varied than ever, and after the big “NEXT” update, you can finally explore and fight pirates with up to 3 friends at a time. With the Atlas Rises update, a new story was added, Freighters were introduced, and with NEXT came frigates that you can send on missions. This gaming material is truly enough to last for tens to even hundreds of hours alone or with a group.

A game of Exploration and Discovery

His name is Snickers

At its core, the game centers around finding new planets, making discoveries, and upgrading your ship and exosuit to better survive the myriad of environments you find yourself in. With friends, these discoveries are shared across games every time you update your findings. This keeps the game fresh and adds a layer of humor to the game, as being able to name animals and planets how you would like creates hilarious situations when your friends happen upon them.

Building Bases is Fun With Friends

Bases are a great resource and time sink that you can show off to your friends

In addition to flying around and shooting your friends, you can also create your own homestead to settle down in. Base building has tons of different building pieces which you can color to your heart’s content. Farming allows you to create hydroponic masterpieces to collect materials that are only found on harder to survive in biomes. You can also create terminals to allow random aliens to work inside your base, providing crafting recipes and other odds and ends.

But should you buy it?

In so few words, YES! This game has more than redeemed itself and is now thoroughly enjoyable either alone or with friends. Myself, I have put more than 80 hours in this game since the latest update and I haven’t even finished the main story yet. This game still has potential to grow as well, and I can’t wait to see where Hello Games takes it.

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