Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) – Smart speaker with Alexa


The Amazon Echo, available in 2 colors

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A Smart home, A Smart Purchase

The Amazon Echo with Alexa is a smart home essential that links multiple products together and adds voice functionality to your home.  It’s use of the SmartThings Hub allows you to connect Alexa with many devices already being used in your home, such as Philips Hue which allows you to control your lights in ways you’ve never imagined before.  The Echo also works well with the various new smart doorbells on the market, such as the Ring.  Combine that with some of the new locks by Kwikset and Schlage, you can be informed someone is at your door, view your doorbell, and unlock the doorbell all with the ease of use of the Echo.

With a 2.5″ Woofer and a 0.6″ Tweeter, there’s a lot of kick to the Echo’s sound.

A Speaker with a Kick

Even neglecting it’s smart home functionality, the Amazon Echo also has impressive speakers for the price point.  With both a tweeter and a subwoofer, the echo punches above its weight class.  Compared to the similar product called Google Home, the addition of an aux port is welcomed with open arms, allowing you to use your Echo to play audio directly from your phone or even your computer.  While this won’t replace a dedicated audio setup, the easeability in such a compact form makes it a strong purchase to use in group settings where you care less about 7.1 surround sound and more about a system where anyone in the group could request songs from the speaker.

The Smart Tech For Me?

If you find yourself wondering, “should I purchase the Amazon Echo?” then look no further.  This product is one that will serve you and your family for a long time.  Even if you only use it as an alarm clock or to convert measurements while cooking, this product will pay for itself in its sheer convenience.  It’s 7 omnidirectional speakers, respectable sound system, and personable AI, this all in one package is an absolute unit that will quickly be found in homes everywhere.

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